A year of decisions. This is the year I learned to decide to do something about what I need to achieve and what I want to pursue, even if it means getting out of comfort zone and taking risks.

I wasn’t getting any younger and time indeed is gold. I left my previous company without a sure job waiting for me. I went back to God after months of stubbornness and immaturity. I decided to finally pursue my passion for graphic arts instead of getting a master’s degree in Computer Science and become a professor. I figured I should try living in a place full of strangers and I did. I realized I am too old to stay at home and decided to save up to buy my own house soon. I decided to lead a small group again after months of rejecting the responsibility.

The decisions took weeks, even months for some, before I considered them final. My analytical mind forced me to exhaust every possible outcome of each decision (or maybe it’s a Software engineer thing). Of course to calculate the risks, I had to include the worst case scenarios. Believe me, this overthinking kept me paralyzed for a long period of time.

But I had to progress. I had to achieve. I had to function. And more importantly, I had to explore. I desire to explore. In the end, I loved how exciting the year turned out to be.

I will end this post with the quote I gave to my officemates on my last day of work:

As for me, I will explore the new world, with an unfamiliar feeling of excitement and terror, in which I will say, ‘What a great adventure!’

Happy New Year!